Kuwait Made
We are a Kuwaiti pharmaceutical manufacturing company! All of our products are made in Kuwait and distributed to most of the Middle East
Middle East Recognized
Our products are sold in over ten countries in the Middle East. We are able to serve a large quantity of demand for any medicine needs.
We Got You Covered
We specialize in any form of medicinal products! Whether it be tablets or syrup, internal or topical implementation. We have the right products for your medicinal needs.
Reliable Medicines
We manufacture only the best medicine. We are committed in providing all of the Middle East accessible and effective medicines. So that you can go about your day
Clean Manufacturing Facilities
Our medicines are manufactured in a top of the line manufacturing facility. We guarantee the effectiveness and cleanliness of each medicine that goes out of our plants.
Competent Employees
Our manufacturing plant is facilitated and operated by top notch people so that all our medicines are made with the utmost care and effectiveness
Reliable Supplier
As a manufacturer of myriad of medicines, KSPICo caters to a lot of Pharmacies and business partners within the Middle East. We pride ourselves as being reliable and concise.
Reasonably Priced Medicines
KSPICo is committed to serving everyone by providing medicines at reasonable prices. By providing accessible medicines, it contributes to the betterment of the community.
GMP Complient Company
KSPICo. Is a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company and we have procedures and protocols that conforms to GMP standards.

Diverse Pharmaceutical Company

KSPICo is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with a diversified manufacturing facilities.

Oral Solid Section

Our oral solid section manufactures a large selection of orally administered medicines.

Oral Liquid Section

We manufacture a wide range of liquid medicines in large quantities as demand dictates.

LVP & SVP Line

This section can produce I.V. solutions in large quantities to supply hospitals of their needs.

Semi-solid & Topical Line

From topical ointments to suppositories. We are well equipped to produce in bulk and on time.