About Us
For more than 15 years KUWAIT SAUDI PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES COMPANY (KSP) has passed several milestones in its journey towards becoming a successful player in the pharmaceutical industry providing quality medicines at more affordable prices. KSP is a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products. It was established as KPICO with the support of the Swedish Astra Company and operated under its guidance until the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990. After Kuwait was liberated the ownership of the company was transferred in 1994 to a Kuwait Saudi joint venture and hence the company was renamed to the Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company (KSP). KSP is a joint venture between two companies in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia . “Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awadi” , a former Minister of Health, Planning, and Cabinet Affairs over 17 years, is the founder and chairman of the company. Dr. Al-Awadi is a well-known international figure being a former Minister of Health, Planning And Cabinet Affairs for more than 17 years in the state of Kuwait.